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Transport Systems provides permits to external organisations which support the university operation and are required to be on campus regularly.

SV Permits are available to all companies required to be onsite to service QUT owned equipment or to support a function which is essential to the ongoing operations of the university.

As an example, types of organisations that may meet the definition include:

Organisations of the following type are specifically excluded from holding Service Vehicle permits.

Note: These examples are intended to be indicative only and do not provide a comprehensive list.

A vehicle which is issued a Service Vehicle permit is authorised to park in any available Service Vehicle ("SV") bay across both Gardens Point campus and Kelvin Grove campus.

The permit does not guarantee parking, they only provide an authority to park in a "SV" marked bay if one is available.


* denotes a required field.

Requestor Details

This form must be completed by a current QUT staff member.

Name *
Extension Number
Mobile Phone Number
Email *
Account Code *  -   / 


Permit Requirements

Year *
Campus *
Number of Permits *
Cost of Permits


Organisation Details

Please provide the details of the organisation to whom the Service Vehicle will be issued.

Business Name *
Postal Address *
Suburb *
State/Postal Code *    
Brief Description of Services Provided *
Company Contact *
Mobile Number *
Email *


Terms and Conditions

The key terms and conditions of parking with a Service Vehicle permit are:

  1. Permit holders may only park on campus to perform the task for which they are contracted.
  2. The permit does not guarantee parking, they only provide an authority to park in a "SV" marked bay if one is available.
    The permit does not authorise parking in a Loading Zone (including unofficial, unsigned loading areas in Gardens Point laneways).
    If there are no Service Vehicle bays available, the contractor should consider alternative parking options, including paid casual parking.
  3. Misuse of the permit will result in its removal.
  4. The permit holder must display the permit on their vehicle at all times whilst on campus; failure to display a permit may result in an infringement.
    The 'first offence' waiver for permit holders does not apply to Service Vehicle permits.

As the person named in the 'Requestor Details' section of this form, I acknowledge and accept the following:

  1. Responsibility to distribute the permits to the Organisation.
  2. Responsible for ensuring the Organisation is aware of and abides by the abovementioned terms and conditions.
  3. Transport Systems will debit the total permit cost shown (i.e. $78 per permit) from the account code provided.

  I accept these terms and conditions. *