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Integrated Transport Services operates a number of reserved parking locations for staff and students who hold a parking permit. Permits are issued according to need, for a specific parking period only (there are multiple consecutive parking periods throughout the year, usually aligned with teaching periods).

Please refer to the Current Application Dates (PDF, 180KB) for the parking dates, application date and due date for each parking period.

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What is a Permit?

A permit is an official document giving someone authorisation to do something. A parking permit is therefore an authority to park in a specified location at a specified date and time. A permit is not an reserved parking space and does not guarantee that parking will be available.

From time-to-time, special events, construction/maintenance work, emergency situations and unexpected demand for parking may result in access to permit parking being temporarily unavailable. Permits are issued to customers on the understanding that, if and when this occurs, Integrated Transport Services is not required to make alternative parking available, and any parking arrangements made while permt parking is not available are done so at the permit holder's own expense.


Assessment of Parking Applications

Motorcycle and Weekend Permits

Customers who apply for a motorcycle or weekend permit are guaranteed a parking offer; these applicaitons are not subject to needs-based allocation.


Semester Based (Weekday) Permits

All applications for a permit are assessed using objective criteria (which has been approved by the Vice-Chancellor) and given a corresponding rank.

To promote the integrity of applications, the exact criteria used to assess applications is confidential. However, inference can be drawn from the information requested in the online application. They key pages are:

Where an application requests parking on medical grounds, our office will not issue a permit unless we are satisifed the customer is fit to work/study safely on campus. In discharging this Health and Safety responsibility, we may seek confidental advice from HSE, Equity, Disability Services and/or Human Resources.

Our criteria does not include the financial cost of parking as permits are not designed to subsidise the cost of casual parking.


Allocation Process

All completed applications which have been assessed by Integrated Transport Services will be considered for allocation. Our automated allocation system will offer permits if there is sufficient space available.

Although we continue to assess and make parking offers throughout the parking period, it is important that applications are received on-time as the amount of allocatable spaces available is reduced for late applications this will significantly impact the opportunity of being offered a permit).

Please Note:


Permit Costs

Motorcycle Permits

Campus Half Year Full Year
Kelvin Grove $155.00 $310.00
Gardens Point $182.50 $365.50
All prices include GST.


Weekend Permits

Campus Half Year Full Year
Kelvin Grove $57.50 $115.00
Gardens Point $75.00 $150.00
All prices include GST.


Semester Based (Weekday) Permits

QUT provides customers with the flexibility to build a permit around the times they require parking; the cost of parking will vary from customer to customer. Integrated Transport Services provides a number of timeslots throughout the day, and a permit is constructed through the addition of these timeslots.

Customers are unable to build a permit which commences at or after 4pm. However, if a customer has a permit which starts prior to 4:00pm, this permit can be extended into the evening. Customers who only require evening parking should consider our Casual Parking options.

The following table shows the fee for each tiemslot.

Timeslot Kelvin Grove Gardens Point
Midnight to 8:00am $1.65 $2.15
8:00am to 10:00am $1.65 $2.15
10:00am to 12:00pm $1.65 $2.15
12:00pm to 2:00pm $1.65 $2.15
2:00pm to 4:00pm $1.65 $2.15
4:00pm to 6:00pm * $1.65 $2.15
6:00pm to 8:00pm * $1.65 $2.15
8:00pm to Midnight * $1.65 $2.15
All prices include GST.

The cost of the permit can therefore be calculated as:

Cost of Timeslot multipled by Number of Timeslots Per Week multiplied byNumber of Weeks (in the parking period).

As an example, consider a customer who has a permit to park at Gardens Point campus from 8am to 4pm on Monday and Tuesday (four timeslots each day), plus 10am to 8pm on Friday (four timeslots). In this example, the parking period is 17 weeks long. The cost of the permit would be: $2.15 x ( 4 + 4 + 5 ) x 17 = $475.15.


Permit Reprint Fee

To help keep other parking and permit tariffs low, Integrated Transport Services charges a Permit Reprint Fee for customers who require their permit to be reprinted. This fee helps offset the increasing permit administration costs associated with printing physical permit stickers as well as the work required to program our Licence Plate Recognition system.

Campus Fee
Kelvin Grove $11.00
Gardens Point $11.00
All prices include GST.

The fee will be payable for both General Allocation and Quota Allocation permits when:

The fee will not be payable for:


Overstay Fees

Customers who stay longer than the time permitted on their permit (including both early entry and delayed exit) will incur additional charges.

Duration of Overstay Fee
Up to 1 Hour $15.00
Up to 2 Hours $30.00
Up to 3 Hours $40.00
Up to 24 Hours $55.00
All prices include GST.

Grace Period

A 20min period is provided as a courtesy to enter/exit the car park; this grace period is an extension to (i.e. not part of) the permit. The grace period is the line-in-the-sand beyond the authorised parking times before which fees apply; any amount of time beyond the grace period - whether it is five minutes or five hours - will incur an Overstay Fee. For example, if a customer with a permit ending at 4:00pm were to exit the parking area at 4:25pm, this is considered to be a 25min overstay as 25min have elapsed since the authorised time printed on the permit.

Payment of Overstay Fees

Customers will be required to make a credit card payment at the exit boom-gate prior to being released; the exit boom-gate will not open until payment is made.

To make payment:

  1. Approach the exit boom-gate slowly and as straight as possible. Our automated Licence Plate Recognition software will read your number plate and check your parking profile. If you have overstayed your permit, the relevant fee will be dislayed on the exit controller.
  2. Insert your Visa or Mastercard into the exit controller to complete payment. A receipt will be provided on thermal paper.
  3. The boom-gate will open and you can exit the car park.

Customers who cannot make credit card payment for the Overstay Fee amount can contact our Central Monitoring Station using the intercom. Our Station Officers will collect your details; a manual fee-recovery process will be initiated within ten business days. Where the manual fee recovery process is required, additional processing charges may apply.


Cancellation and Refund of Permits

Parking permits are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

If your parking needs are unknown, or are expected/likely to change during the parking period, you should consider if a parking permit really is the best option for you. It may be that casual parking is more appropriate, as casual parking tariffs are calculated on the actual parking time used.

For customers who do choose permit parking, the University understands that personal circumstances may change over time. In limited cases, when the circumstances are unforeseen or unexpected, customers may cancel their parking permit and request a pro-rata refund. Customers are required to complete the Request to Cancel Parking Permit form and (if applicable) return their permit sticker to Integrated Transport Services.

Completed forms and required documentation can be emailed to Integrated Transport Services. Alternatively, hardcopy forms can be sent to:

QUT Integrated Transport Services
GPO Box 2434