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Transport Systems have introduced new pricing tariffs for both Gardens Point campus and Kelvin Grove campus. These tariffs are effective from Monday, 20 February 2017.


What's Changing

Our team has made a number of changes to simplify pricing and improve resource utilisation.


Visitor/Other Tariff

Due to the increasing demand for parking, Transport Systems have significantly increased tariffs for customers who do not hold a valid QUT ID Card. Parking fees for Visitor/Other customers will now be aligned with proximate commercial parking facilities in Brisbane CBD.

Transport Systems hopes the increased Visitor/Other tariff will reduce demand from customers not affiliated with the University, allowing space to become available for QUT staff and students.


QUT ID Cardholder Tariff

For staff and students at Gardens Point campus, there is a slight increase in the "up to 1hr" rate, moving from $4.00 to $5.00. All other rates remain unchanged (the maximum daily rate for staff/students who present their ID Card is $40).

For the University community at Kelvin Grove campus, the changes include:


Weekend Parking

Parking at the University on the weekend will now be available at a flat daily fee of $10.00 for Gardens Point and $5.00 for Kelvin Grove.


Evening Parking

Members of the public who access evening parking at Gardens Point will now enjoy a low rate of $5.00 per hour. This rate only applies for customers who enter after 6:00pm and leave before midnight.

This rate is only available to Visitor/Other customers; staff and students with a QUT ID Card will continue to enjoy the lower ID Cardholder tariff.


Other Terms and Conditions

Transport Systems is also taking this opportunity to clarify a number of other terms and conditions which affect parking on campus, including:.


Differential Pricing

With the increase to the Visitor/Other tariff, Transport Systems would like to remind all customers that they should confirm the price before making payment for their parking ticket. Customers who have a valid QUT ID Card will received the discounted ID Cardholder rates where:

  1. A valid QUT ID Card is presented at the pay station before the parking ticket is inserted.
  2. The parking ticket is inserted within five seconds of the ID Card being touched on the pay station.

Customers are strongly encouraged to confirm the price before making payment; if the ID Cardholder rate has not applied, the transaction can be cancelled and restarted. Where the customer has failed to access Differential Pricing correctly, Transport Systems will not refund any parking fee paid at the Visitor/Other rate.

As a reminder: