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QUT supports staff and students using cycling as an alternative to motorised transport. To assist customers cycling to/from University, Transport Systems provides end of trip facilities and parking options.

Bicycles must only be parked in an approved location. Bicycles parked in any location other than an approved location will be removed.

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End of Trip Facilities

QUT provides a number of showering facilities, allowing customers who cycle to University to refresh before starting their day.

Please Note: The list of showering facilities provided above shows only the building, floor and room numbers; please refer to the Floor Plans on the FM Operations website for exact location information.


Bicycle Parking

There are several bicycle parking options on both Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove campuses, including:


Bike Racks

Transport Systems provides a number of public racks; these are available at the following locations.

Campus Location
Gardens Point F Block
C Block
Y Block
Kelvin Grove A Block
D Block
F Block
K Block
O Block
P Block
Y2 Block
Z2 Block


Shared, Secure Bicycle Compounds

All students, staff and visitors with a current QUT ID Card can request access to the shared, secure bicycle compounds by paying the required fee. Transport Systems has bicycle compounds located at:

Campus Location Cost
Gardens Point Level 1, C Block $20.00
Q/R Laneway
Level 1, S Block
Kelvin Grove Level 1, F Block $20.00
Level 1, G Block
Level 1, J Block
Level 2/3, Q Block
Level 1, Z12 Block
All prices include GST.

Payment of a single fee will provide access to all secured bicycle compounds for the selected campus however customers who would like access to compounds at both Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove are required to pay two fees. Once access has been added to an identification card, it will not expire. Further, access to the secure bicycle compounds will be automatically transferred to any replacement ID cards issued.

Conditions of Use

  1. Customers must use their QUT ID Card every time you access the compound.
  2. Customers are not permitted to give access to the compound to anyone but themselves.
  3. Customers must ensure that the compound is secure when they exit (i.e. both doors are completely closed and locked).
  4. Bicycles may only be parked on the racks provided; if no space is available in a particular compound, customers must park your bicycle in one of the other secured bicycle compounds on campus.


Individual Bike Lockers

For greater bicycle security, Transport Systems provides a number of individual lockers which are available for hire. These lockers allow customers to store their bicycle (and some additional items, including helmets, clothes etc) in an area which can only be accessed by key.

Campus Location No. of Lockers Annual Cost
Rental Fee Key Deposit
Gardens Point Level 1, C Block 2 $275.00 $200.00
Level 1, M Block 2
Level 2, S Block 4
Kelvin Grove Level 1, F Block 9 $200.00 $200.00
Level 1, Q Block 8 $52.00 N/A
All prices include GST.

Please Note: The refundable Key Deposit is retained by Transport Systems but will be returned to the customer at the end of the rental period once the locker key is returned. If a key is lost/damaged, the deposit will be forfeited.

Lockers are hired on a first-come, first served basis. Customers who have hired a locker will be given the first opportunity to re-hire the same locker for the following year.

Please contact the Transport Systems Office should you wish to enquire about or apply for an individual bicycle locker.


Bicycle Security

Bicycles can be very expensive items and unfortunately are often targeted by offenders looking for a quick and easy buck.

Transport Systems strongly recommends that customers secure their bicycle to the rack using a solid "D Lock" (shown on the left).

QUT cannot take responsibility for any bicycle parked at the University; parking is at the customer's own risk.

QUT Security provide additional hints and tips for using bicycles on campus. Additionally, detailed information on bicycle security can be found on the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.