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QUT supports staff and students using cycling as an alternative to motorised transport.

The University has bicycle parking, showers, and end of trip facilities for our staff and students. Locations of these facilities are provided in the links below:

Bike Racks

Racks are provided around the University grounds. Please use a "D" lock to secure your bike to the racks.

Secure Bike Compounds

There are secure bike compounds available at both Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove. Access to the compound is by your ID card. A once off fee of $20 is charged to activate your card. In order to gain access to the bike compound you will need to make payment through QUTPay and email your receipt along with your Cardax (ID) Number to parkingpermits@qut.edu.au.

Individual Bike Lockers

Individual bike lockers are available to hire on a yearly basis. The lockers allow you to store your bike and additional items such as your helmet, clothes etc. There are 8 individual lockers at Gardens Point, 10 at Kelvin Grove and a further 8 at IHBI (Q Block).

Area Fee
Gardens Point Campus $275.00 per year + $200.00 refundable key deposit.
Kelvin Grove Campus $200.00 per year + $200.00 refundable key deposit
IHBI (Q Block) Kelvin Grove Campus $52.00 per year (Must provide own locks)

Please contact the Transport Systems Office should you wish to apply for an individual locker.

Bicycles must be parked in the approved bicycle racks or lockers provided. They are not permitted in buildings, building foyers or elevators or secured to hand rails or light posts. Bicycles will be removed if found parked in these areas.

For the safety of pedestrians, Cyclist must dismount and walk their bike through the University grounds.

For more information on bicycle security on campus, please visit Security

Useful Cycling Links