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If you lose your mobile device you can still protect personal and university data stored on it from the hands of others by initiating a “remote device wipe.”  This will delete all of the information held on it. To do this logon to https://ithelp.qut.edu.au/portal/app/portlets/results/viewsolution.jsp?

You can also block your phone if it is stolen, by following these simple steps.

Key in the following digits on your phone *#06#. This will then show a 15digit code which is the Handset Serial Number unique to your phone. Make a note of the number and store it in a safe place. If your phone is lost contact your service provider and supply them with the 15 digit code which will enable your provider to block your phone. Your phone will be totally useless and will not allow the finder to run up a bill or to sell it even if they change the sim card. Hopefully this may encourage the finder to return your phone. You may not get your phone back but at least you will know that whoever has it cannot use it to run up a bill or profit from selling it.

Remember to report lost or stolen mobiles to: https://secure.qut.edu.au/itservices/staff/staffservices/mobiles/theft.jsp

Security for QUT Smartphones