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It is the policy of the University Security Section to carry out its business in such a way that our customers can be confident that they will always receive exactly what they request in an acceptable time, within the terms of the shared service we provide.


Response Parameters
Emergency response Upon receipt of notification - within 10 minutes 90%
Non urgent response such as let ins for keys left at home Upon receipt of notification - within 1 hour
24 hours a day personal security escorts Upon receipt of notification - within 1 hour
Building perimeter check Once every 4 hours 90%
Provide access to authorised persons Upon receipt of notification - up to 1 hour 90%
Fire protection - check fire panels Every fire panel, every 8 hours 90%
Electronic alarm response Upon receipt of notification - within 20 minutes 90%
Key audit - master key audit is conducted annually for each building Upon receipt of notification - within 10 working days 90%
Processing incoming telephone calls to the Central Monitoring Station Each call should be addressed to the customer and client's satisfaction within 90 seconds 90%
Fire hydrant and fire booster checks Monthly within 31 days 100%
Emergency call point and lift phone checks Every 7 days 100%
Unlocking classrooms Classrooms and general teaching spaces are to be unlocked by the nominated time on the Daily Diary 98%
Data entry of reported incidents on campus Reports of incidents on campus are to be investigated finalised and entered into the QUT Safe system within 1 working week 95%
Counter disaster operations Each building is to be evacuated twice, two campus based table top counter disaster exercises are to be conducted and the QUT Emergency Response Plan, Counter Disaster Plan, FM BCP and CMS BCP are to be reviewed every year. 100%


Response Parameters
The allocation of parking quotas and issues of parking permits will be advised and processed in a timely manner

Parking quotas for the subsequent teaching year will be advised no later than 15 December

Complete processing of semester parking applications within the time frame specified for the applicable semester and in accordance with quota allocations

Respond to requests for visitors or temporary parking within the specified time frame




Parking enforcement Parking regulations will be enforced in a fair and equitable manner and downloaded every working day 100%


We seek to ensure that our customers can be confident in our work; our staff understand the quality we aspire to and our suppliers know our expectations of them.