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At QUT training in emergency procedures is conducted by the Security Section. When members of the Emergency Control Organisation (Wardens) are appointed they must attend the Initial Training session to gain the necessary knowledge to perform their role safely, and then annually attend a Refresher Training session to keep up to date with any legal/procedural changes. It is mandatory to register for this training through StaffConnect.

The registration process can be found in Training under the Individual Area of Staff Connect, click on "Training Requests" than "Add New Record", look for the heading "WARD - WARDEN TRAINING", select the appropriate campus and course and then nominate and complete the details

Initial Warden Training Resouce Link
Refresher Warden Training Resource Link

2016 Initial Warden Training

It is a requirement for all new wardens to attend an initial warden training session - MANDATORY

2016 Refresher Warden Training

It is a requirement for wardens to attend refresher warden training annually - MANDATORY