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At QUT, the ECO for your building consists of the Chief Warden, Deputy Chief Warden assisted by a number of wardens appointed for each building on campus. The chief warden reports to the Controller in a major emergency involving 2 or more buildings.

The wardens required for each building are appointed by the Security Manager following recommendations by managers of areas occupying space within the building. Managers are provided materials that they may use to make their recommendations. The pro-forma will also clearly specify the obligations of the manager and the commitments required of the position of warden.

The chief warden reports to the Security Manager regarding implementation of a building evacuation plan, coordination of building evacuations and the proper maintenance of warden fire safety equipment.

Warden Forms

Any form you will need as a Warden can be found below:

Chief Warden Meetings

To assist you as the Chief Warden to perform your role we have scheduled the Chief/Deputy Chief Warden meetings as detailed below. This meeting will bring you up to date on any legislative changes as well as give you the opportunity to let us know any problems you are encountering. In addition it will give you the opportunity to meet the other staff performing a similar role within the University.
We invite both the Chief Warden and their Deputy to attend these meetings.

Gardens Point 2018 dates TBA    
Kelvin Grove

2018 dates TBA


Who are you Wardens

The QUT Emergency Control Organisation Excel Version PDF Version contacts list is updated regularly to inform you of who is the respective warden in your area. If you know of any additions or amendments please let the Emergency Response Coordinator know as soon as possible.

Warden Training

At QUT training in emergency procedures is conducted by the Security Section. When members of the Emergency Control Organisation (Wardens) are appointed they must attend the Initial Training session to gain the necessary knowledge to perform their role safely, and then annually attend a Refresher Training session to keep up to date with any legal/procedural changes. It is mandatory to register for this training through StaffConnect.
The registration process can be found in Training under the Individual Area of Staff Connect, click on "Training Requests" than "Add New Record", look for the heading "WARD - WARDEN TRAINING", select the appropriate campus and course and then nominate and complete the details

Evacuation Signs

Evacuation signs for all campuses

Go Bag

To help you to be personally prepared for a major emergency event, you should have a “Go Bag” within easy reach with the essential emergency supplies that you might need. This could include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to complete any documentation when appointed as a warden?

Do I need to attend Emergency Procedures Training?

What are my duties and responsibilities as a warden?

Is there any recognition for me as a warden?

Am I indemnified in my role as a warden?

If I have any concerns or questions, who do I contact?